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Error: You are trying to carry out a procedure which requires a valid certificate

You must solve the problem by checking:

  1. That your have a Digital Certificate in your browser. Recommended browser Google Chrome.
  2. That said certificate has been issued by one of the entities authorised to carry out electronic procedures with the administration

Check the certificates accepted by UPNA.

Also, remember that you must have the application AutoFirma installed.


I have a valid certificate but cannot carry out the procedure

Check the following points:

1. Is the certificate recognised by Upna?

Check here the certificates accepted

If the certificate you have has been issued by a recognised entity but is not accepted by Upna, get in touch with the university via the e-mail address administracion.electronica@unavarra.es, letting them know the certificate you have.

2. I am using the browser Google Chrome, is it updated?

3. I do not have the application Autofirma, what should I do? 

       You may download it through the following link.

4. I do not have the certificate installed in Google Chrome, what should I do?

Check how to do it on FNMT


Error: When recovering information from the session

It usually happens when we have been too long with the procedure and the session has expired.

Usually, if carrying out a procedure takes longer than 30 minutes, the session gets cancelled as a security measure. In order to carry out the procedure it will be necessary to start a new session through one of these actions:

  • Close completely the browser Google Chrome and open it again.
  • Open a new window of the browser as “New incognito window”.


Error: port 488

Identification with digital certificate at Upna is available on non-standard port 488. It is possible that some companies or organizations have the communication with that port closed.

If this error appears, try connecting from a PC outside the network where the error happened (home or from your mobile phone) or contact the person in charge of systems and/or communications of your company so they can grant you access through that port, and try again.


The documents I want to provide are more than 5 files and/or exceed 100Mb, what should I do?

The system allows you to attach up to 5 documents per request.

If you want to attach more documents you may combine several pdf documents or files within a unique pdf document. You may do so with Acrobat PRO, using the merging and combination of files. If you do not have a commercial version of Acrobat you may use any combiner of pdf available online.

If a single document exceeds 100Mb: the document must be divided into as many parts as necessary, and send as many requests as necessary, indicating in the second and following ones “Asiento de continuación del Nº de registro xxx” (registry no. of the first request) on the field “Expone” (states).

If any of these measures is insufficient send as many requests as necessary to attach all the documents you want to deliver, indicating in the second and following ones “Asiento de continuación del Nº de registro xxx” (registry no. of the first request) on the field “Expone” (states).