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Recruitment of international visiting professors

Procedure file Card
In charge Vice-Chancellor's office of Teaching Staff
Description Procedure to draft the proposal to hire international visiting professors.
Period-Deadline See resolution on regulations section (normativa).
Who can apply You must apply to the Department Director.
Application requirements The proposed professors must have developed their activity in a foreign university or research centre for the last two years, and continue being a member of the staff of said institution during the duration of the visiting professor contract.
Fees/Public prices
Documents to submit APPLICATION Department Council Agreement Report on the Department Needs Candidate's CV
Rules and regulations Resolution starting the procedure to draft the plan proposal for international visiting professor applications.
Ways and places of processing
It is necessary to have the application AutoFirma and an individual person digital certificate installed (Check the accepted signature systems). Recommended browserGoogle Chrome
IMPORTANT! Remember to attach the APPLICATION document together with the relevant information, when you start procedure (“Iniciar trámite”) in the Electronic registry.
In person No procede
Contact for more information
Email vicerrectorado.profesorado@unavarra.es
Telephone 948 16 9143
Office address Vice-Chancellor's office of Teaching Staff. Chancellor's building. Pamplona campus: Arrosadia, 31006 Pamplona