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What is the on-line office?

The on-line office is a website through which citizens can exercise their right to access information, services and public administration procedures on-line.

The on-line office you are currently visiting belongs to the Public University of Navarre (UPNA), which guarantees the accuracy, integrity and updating of the information and services that you can access via the site.

More information on ownership of and contact with the on-line office of the Public University of Navarre

The on-line office is identified through a digital signature system based on a specific digital certificate for on-line offices. For more details, see on-line office certificate verification system .




The specific contents of the on-line office are:

  • All relevant information concerning the UPNA’s regulations, public documents, official journals, job offers and procurement tenders, etc.
  • The administrative procedures and tasks that can be performed with the UPNA on-line without having to actually go to its offices. On-line administrative procedures make the relationship between citizens and the UPNA easier, drawing its administration nearer to people.


Access to services and administrative procedures


The on-line services and administrative procedures made available through the on-line office can be accessed by citizens in two different ways:

  • Students, teaching and research staff, and administration and services staff at the University can perform on-line administrative procedures through the University’s service portal using their usernames and passwords.
  • Anybody, whether they belong to the University or not, can perform on-line procedures regardless of whether they have a University service portal username by identifying themselves with a digital certificate.

The digital certificate used must be issued by one of the certification authorities recognised by the UPNA. See Digital certificates used and accepted at the on-line office


Searching the on-line office


The contents of the on-line office can be searched using the search engine in the top right-hand corner of the page.