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Registration Entity

Registration Entity - Digital Identity

It is the entity in charge of identifying, registering and delivering digital certificates to users and other entities, such as Certification authorities’ delegations or other Higher registration entities. Digital certificates are issued by a Certification authority to which the Registration entity belongs.

In our case, Public University of Navarre, thanks to its adhesion to a collaboration agreement signed by Government of Navarre and the Spanish Mint (Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre - FNMT), has become Registration entity. Digital certificates will therefore be issued by the corresponding Certification authority: FNMT (for more information check their website).

At this stage, University will just act as Registration entity for the issuance of digital certificates in the public administration scope, that is, providing house staff (Services and Administration staff - PAS, and Teaching a Research staff - PDI) with public worker’s digital certificates, and issuing the required electronic seals to carry out internal procedures.

The University staff will use, in the exercise of their duties as public worker or, where appropriate, University proxy, their public worker or proxy certificate provided by University as means of identification and signature, in agreement with the provisions established on the policy on signature and, in all cases, to sign any administrative act capable of giving rise to rights and obligations for third parties.