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On-line office certificate verification system

According to Article 38 of Act 40/2015, of the 1st of October, on the Legal Regime of the Public Sector, on-line offices must use website authentication recognised or qualified certificates or equivalent to identify themselves and ensure secure communication. 

An on-line office’s digital certificates serve to ensure that communication with citizens is performed through a secure channel and through a recognised on-line public office, not permitting malicious intrusion by third parties.

Certificate verification

Valide, the platform developed by the Ministry of Territorial Police, provides services to verify electronic office’s certificates and validate electronic signatures of documents.

  • To check the validity of this office’s certificate, you must use "Validate Electronic Headquarters" service and indicate the following URI:
  • To validate the electronic stamp’s signature of the University (for instance, the incorporated signature in the supporting documents of an application) must access the "Validate Signature" service and upload the file to verify it.