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Official date and time

Article 26.1 of Act 11/2007, of the 22nd of June, on the Electronic Access of Citizens to Public Services, states that for the purpose of calculating deadlines which apply to both interested parties and Public Administrations, on-line register services shall be governed by the official time and date indicated at the on-line office accessed. Said office must provide the necessary security measures to guarantee the integrity and visibility of the time and date.

Furthermore, article 6.2 j) of Royal Decree 1671/2009, of the 6th of November, which partially implements the provisions of Act 11/2007, states that on-line offices must indicate the official time and date for the purposes stated in article 26.1 of the aforementioned Act 11/2007.

In compliance with these provisions, you can view the official time and date of the on-line office of the Public University of Navarre here.

In accordance with the indications given in article 15.2 of Royal Decree 4/2010, of the 8th of January, regulating the Spanish Interoperability Framework in the sphere of the On-line Administration, this official time is directly obtained from the Royal Institute and Observatory of the Spanish Armada in accordance with the stipulations about the legal time in the Royal Decree 1308/1992 of the 23rd of October, by which the Laboratory of the Royal Institute and Observatory of the Spanish Armada is declared as the national standard laboratory custodian of time and associated laboratory to the Spanish Centre of Metrology.