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Digital certificates used and accepted at the on-line office

Article 11.1 of Royal Decree 203/2021 of the 30th of March approving the Public Sector Electronic Action and Operation Regulations, states the need to make the list of identification and electronic signature systems accepted or used in the office available to the citizens.

Likewise, the Royal Decree stipulates that electronic offices should make certificate verification systems available.


Identification and signature systems accepted

UPNA offers the Cl@ve system of the Ministry as identification and signature system for the citizens to connect with the University.

In order to use Cl@ve with a digital certificate, it must be a certificate for an individual person or for an acknowledged public worker, included in the "List of certification services providers (TSL)" of the Ministry with the assigned powers.

Electronic signature based on the use of concerted keys

In certain internal procedures or services intended for use by the university community may allow the use of electronic signature based on concerted keys (username and password) between the Public University of Navarra and the citizen (only if the use of digital certificate is not required).

In these cases, it will be indicated in the service catalog. Moreover, these services will be accessible through the University Services Portal.


Digital certificates used by University

In this electronic office digital certificates are used for the following purposes:

  • Identify and ensure a secure communication with the electronic office:
    • Certificate of electronic office
  • Identify and authenticate the exercise of jurisdiction in automated administrative action:
    • Electronic stamps

Electronic stamp of the Public University of Navarre  (certificate of organism's stamp)


Information about the provider of certification services cn=AC Administración Pública, serialNumber=Q2826004J, ou=CERES, o=FNMT-RCM, c=ES

Serial number: 0e 7f b8 d7 3f 0c ba c9 61 eb a4 a4 59 57 b7 00

Hash (SHA256):  4a 36 c6 5d b0 92 df b1 a5 08 09 a0 0e 8f db b0 e5 21 b7 f4

Validity period:

From: January 22, 2022, 7:31:00h.

To: January 22, 2025, 7:31:00h.

Checking revocation status of the certificate:

Método = OCSP, URI = http://ocspap.cert.fnmt.es/ocspap/OcspResponder

Distribución CRL (Lista de Revocación del Certificado), URI = http://www.cert.fnmt.es/crlsacap/CRL267.crl

List of authorized uses of the certificate:

Vouchers of the on-line register.

Integration with FACE (general point of entry for invoices of General Administration of State).