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Certificate help

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What is a digital certificate?

A digital certificate is a document signed electronically by an owner of services of certification which links those signature verification data to a signatory and confirms their identity.

It is an electronic file which can be stored in different ways such as, for example, on the browser of the PC itself, on a pen drive or on a chip embedded in a card. This is the case of the electronic ID card.


What is a digital certificate for?

A digital certificate is an ensemble of data which allows:

  • Reliable identification when performing any procedure through the Internet.
  • Electronic signature of documents (digitally), in a safe way and with full legal validity.


Which digital certificates does the On-Line Office at UPNA accept?

You may check the accepted certificates in the following link Digital certificates used and accepted


How can I obtain a digital certificate?

Through this link you may access to request a digital certificate.

Manual to obtain and install the certificate.


Is my certificate valid and/or accepted?

Through this link you can check if your certificate is valid.


Can I use several certificates?

It is possible to have more than one certificate in a PC and, when it is to be used, you may select which one to use.


What is the electronic signature?

Electronic signature is the ensemble of electronic data, together with other data or linked to them, which may be used as means to identify the signatory.

The advanced electronic signature is the electronic signature which allows the identification of the signatory, and write any further amendment to the signed data. It is uniquely linked to the signatory and the data it refers to, and has been created by such means that the signatory can keep under their exclusive control.

It is considered recognised electronic signature the advanced electronic signature based on a recognised certificate and generated through a safe device to create a signature.

The recognised electronic signature will have – regarding the data electronically stated – the same value as that handwritten – regarding those stated on paper.


Where can I see the digital certificates set up in my browser?

You can see the digital certificates you have set up in your browser in the next route:

  • Google Chrome browser/ Settings/ Safety/ Manage certificates/

If you do not have any you must import your digital certificate to the browser in order to carry out electronic procedures for which you need a digital certificate.


What do I need to carry out a procedure with my digital certificate?

You must have a digital certificate (check the signature systems accepted) and the application AutoFirma installed.