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Doctorate: modification of Thesis Pledge / Research Plan

Procedure file Card
In charge Doctoral School of Navarre
Description Thesis Pledge Modification/ Research Plan Modification.
Period-Deadline Anytime
Who can apply UPNA PhD students
Application requirements To be enrolled in a PhD programme at UPNA
Fees/Public prices No
Documents to submit APPLICATION FORM
Mandatory report signed by the stakeholders
New Research Plan (if applicable)
Rules and regulations Agreement of the Governing Council of July 2, 2014, which approves the regulations governing the doctorate at the Public University of Navarre, modified by Agreement of the Governing Council of December 15, 2017, which regulates the admission of new PhD students and the requirements to supervise doctoral theses.
Royal Decree 99/2011, of January 28, which regulates official doctoral studies.
Ways and places of processing
Online Recommended browser Google Chrome. ¡IMPORTANT! Remember to attach the application document together with the applicable information, when you “start procedure” (Iniciar trámite) in the Electronic registry.
In person "Not applicable"
Contact for more information
Email escuela.doctorado@unavarra.es
Telephone 948 16 6006 / 7965
Office address Escuela de Doctorado de Navarra - EDONA. Edificio "El Sario". Campus de Pamplona: Arrosadia. 31006 Pamplona